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Who Am I?

My name is Robert, I was born in October 1976 in Germany.

My native language is German. Where I live the people talk in Franconian which is a German dialect. The dialect Franconian is merely pronounced in a slightly other way. We don't distinguish between the letters ‘b’ and ‘p’ or ‘d’ and ‘t’ while speaking. A few Germans have trouble to understand us depending on the state where they come from. Nowadays, the young people don’t speak much Franconian due to the fact that we have a great deal of immigrants here. We started to talk to them in German which helped them to understand us easier. I think that the dialect Franconian will probably die out sometime. To be honest, no one needs it. However, there are a few Germans who carry on talking in Franconian.

I’ve been married since 2001, and became a father the first time in 2004. I was much too young for typical German conditions. It’s quite common to have a baby when a woman is over 35, and the man over 40 years of age. As a rule crusher (If I may say so), I had already had both a son and a daughter before the magic age of 30. I haven't been able to find out yet which gender is easier to bring up, there hasn't been much difference so far. At the weekends, I usually do some gardening work, mend the house or help my wife with the household chores, doing the laundry or cooking some delicious food. I'm very thankful to live together with such a wonderful family.

To keep my whole family happy I work plenty of hours during the workweek. I usually work 40 to 50 hours a week, sometimes around the clock, and at the weekends. Since I often have less time left for my hobbies I sleep only 4-5 hours during the workweek. At the weekends I try to sleep in. During my leisure time I work with computers, read books, watch films, spent money, or try to discover new things on the internet. I have always found something to do. I’m not only a technophile, I'm also a philanthropist. Being a philanthropist I donate monthly money to support a German charity organization called Welthungerhilfe. Furthermore, I try to help people wherever I can.

I’m a very open-minded person, and a global thinker. In addition to English I studied French by the help of a distance learning institute for 4 years. Unfortunately, I forgot lots of vocabulary and grammar rules. It was hard for me to learn those languages. Despite the fact that I'm not quite good in them, I’m glad that I know one of the most spoken languages in the world. I have become acquainted with plenty of people from various countries, and this has made me really happy.

You can get in contact with me whenever you like.