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Text 1:
I think the computer has drastically improved our living conditions. Since the computer was invented it has been possible to do a lot of complicated things which were not possible before. A computer, for example, can calculate complicated calculations in a very short time while people would probably need weeks or even months. Of course, it is also possible to write messages in an easier way. When a typing mistake was made on a typewriter it was very difficult to change this mistake. With a computer, it is more than easy, because you only need to push a few keys on your keyboard. Another advantage is that a computer can save lots of data on a small disk, and if anyone needs any information he will get it quickly without having to look it up in a big book. Generally, the computer has improved our lives, because we can do such a lot of things much easier, and it even does things for us which we had to do ourselves before, especially in the fields of work. By all means, there are still lots of other things which have become easier through the invention of the computer and to count all of them would be impossible.

Text 2:
The invention of the computer has improved such a great deal of things in our lives.

The computer brought about changes for the individual and for the society. For the individual the computer offers the possibility as a leisure pursuit. One can do such a lot of things with the computer that it is impossible to count all of them. In spite of that I am going to write down some of them. There are many sorts of different computer games, applications for every field, and of course the Internet which we have got by that, too. Another thing is that a person can also do working things at home, especially for office workers it has turned out that it is of advantage. For society the computer brought principally new professions, and many other improvements. For instance, if we need money at midnight, we can go to the bank and we will obtain money, because a computer works around the clock. Airplanes fly with an autopilot which makes the flight more secure, computer controlled machines work so precisely no person would be able to do it, and many other things have become easier.

The computer has also improved things in the production or generally in the indutry. However you cannot compare it with the invention of the assembly line. The assembly line has only brought the possibility to produce things easier ceaper and quicker. Only after the computer was invented did the assembly line offer more possibilities, which you can see for example in the automobile production, where computer work together with the assembly line perfectly.

Although the computer has brought about many changes, we must not forget that through that a few jobs have become superfluous, and also that we have become lazier. Despite the computer is going to lead us to a more pleasant life.