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My Current PC Build

Below you will find my current Gamer PC build list, as well as reviews of major components. I mainly use this PC for gaming, but also to do some office stuff. This PC build is able to handle most games in Ultra or Very High settings (Status: 2012-2013). The PC was completely built up by myself.

List of parts:

Note: I use NVIDIA GEFORCE EXPERIENCE to optimize my games.

List of tested games with the PC configuration above:


  • For office work I prefer my HP Envy 17 Notebook with Windows 10
  • As a backup system I use Apple's Timecapsule (2TB), and a hard drive that is connected to a Speedport router. (Being able to use the Timecapsule with Windows 8, you will need the Airport Utility-Software)
  • When I'm out and about I usually use my iPhone 5C or my iPad Air 2.

Commonly used software: