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Scientific research

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First of all scientists should research the field of health care, because it is one of the most urgent problems.

Outer space should be researched, but great importance should not be placed on it. There are other more important tasks, which scientific research should be concerned about beforehand.
Nevertheless, the research of outer space needs to be done as well. The study of outer space tries to prove how the universe our solar system developed.
Due to these researches we might live on Mars one day too, which will surely be interesting. In addition to this, the possibility of looking at our earth from far away does help scientists to explore our climate a great deal.
Science should not turn to micro-organisms and biology either. Micro-organisms have already been researched carefully. Scientists do know that micro-organisms are one of the smallest living things, which can only be seen under a microscope. All micro-organisms have the ability to mineralise organic substances. It helps the nature to maintain a proper balance of metabolism. The reason for this is that micro-organisms use both large and complex built organic molecules, but also small inorganic molecules as nutrients. Through this, chemical substances keep dividing themselves into smaller and simpler parts.
Furthermore, micro-organsims are essential partners, which help us in the field of biology and in the production of food. However, one fact which must not be forgotten is that micro-organisms may make us ill or they may spoil our food.

In my opinion scientists should do more research in the field of health care. There are still too many serious diseases that have not been researched thoroughly, and a few of them have even been very dangerous for us until now. For instance, cancer is one of these awful diseases, and there is no medicine that has really helped. If scientists find a medicine which is able to stop cancer or such diseases before they get worse, it would be great.
In conclusion I want to add that all the other fields need to be researched as well, of course.