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Time is money

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The old proverb "Time is money" is becoming more and more meaningful in our fast living society.

"Time is money". These words were already spoken in the 18th century. The word "time" was a new word at that time. Before this, hardly anybody had spoken of "time". People spoke about the weather, which was more important. Only when people tried to measure the time was it talked about. Nobody thought that years later almost the whole mankind would be controlled by it. The proverb "Time is money", which was talked about formerly, is presently determining our lives.

When we phone someone, we surf on the Internet or we save money for bad times, time is always an important factor.

The proverb plays, in the world of business, an even bigger role. A businessman has to be quicker than another one, so that he gets the chance for a new business deal first. A pieceworker has to produce a good deal of parts in a fairly short time to earn more money. In general, everybody who has a job has to work a particular amount of time to get their wages. On the other hand, when we are unemployed or do work less, we have more time but obviously less money.

In conclusion, it may be said that, depending on how much we achieve, we will have more or less money.