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Using Apple Wireless Keyboard with Windows 8

  1. Download Boot Camp Support Software (I have 5.0.533)
  2. Extract the zip-File
  3. Navigate to the Boot CampDriversApple folder - /BootCamp/Drivers/Apple
  4. Run the application Command Prompt as administrator
  5. In the command prompt, type cd Directory-To-BootCamp
  6. Install BootCamp by typing BootCamp.msi or BootCamp64.msi for x64 systems in the command prompt
  7. Reboot the computer
  8. Use a tool such as 7-zip to extract the AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe file
  9. Navigate to the directory you extracted AppleKeyboardInstaller.exe to
  10. Run the DPInst.exe file to install the Apple keyboard driver for Windows

Bootcamp drivers set the time incorrectly after each reboot. The fix is to open up regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation. Remove the entry RealTimeIsUniversal, and reboot the computer.

I had to change my keyboard values in HKEY_USERS/Default/Keyboard Layout/Preload, too, as I use a German keyboard layout.

Setted values:
1 - d0010407
2 - 00000407
3 - 00000809