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Vegetarians do not lead a healthier life. On the contrary, they have to be careful that they eat enough nutrients.

Vegetarians do without meat and fish. Most of them have ethical reasons or they do not want to support the production of meat after there were a few scandals. There are three principal groups of vegetarians; Vegans who do not eat animal products, Lacto-vegetarians who eat dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and cream, and Ovo-lacto-vegetarians who eat eggs in addition. Although there are a few advantages in being a vegetarian, they do often forget the disadvantages. Many different scientific studies say that a vegetarian diet can lower the risk of chronic diseases. Vegetarians are seldom overweight, have better blood lipid levels, and rarely increased blood pressure. The reason for this is that meatless diet contains less of the risk substances cholesterol and fatty acid, which may be responsible for cardiovascular diseases.

Nevertheless, a vegetarian diet needs to be selected carefully, because otherwise the organism would have a lack of nutrients like iron, vitamin B12 or vitamin D. Vegetarians can get, due to this, problems with their health. Frequently they get headaches or they become paler from day to day.
It also must not be forgotten that at present vegetables and fruits consist of less nutrients than a few decades ago. The reason for this is the use of chemistry substances.
Vegetarians have to be careful that they have enough iron in their blood. Normally meat is the main provider of iron for our organism. A sufficient supply of iron is important for optimal working red blood corpuscles. They are responsible for our organs to provide optimal oxygen. we would be worn-out on account of lack of oxygen otherwise. The consequences can be headaches, weakness and so on. As vegetarians do not eat meat they should compensate for iron by taking an iron preparation regularly.

In my opinion, vegetarians should be well informed before choosing, which sort of vegetables they need to eat to balance the missing nutrients. First then, life as a vegetarian can be healthy. However, it is not healthier than those who eat meat, too.